Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc.

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Daisetta, TX 77533

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Vacuum Truck

·        130 bbl Transport

·        70 bbl Vacuum Truck

·        50 bbl Pump Truck
High Pressure 5000

·        50 bbl Pump Truck
Low Pressure 2000
(also equipped with a wash nozzle)

·        12 – Ton Winch Truck

Equipment Rental

·        Frac Tank – 500 bbl.

·        Open Top Tanks

·        Vacuum Hose

·        Vacuum Hose

·        Vacuum Hose

·        High Pressure

Additional Services

·        City Water

·        Brine Water

·        KCL Water

·        Packer Fluids

·        Drilling Mud





After hurricane Rita, Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. played an integral role in helping Exxon Mobil pipeline meet the demand of their customers by supplying 9 trucks to maintain several generators diesel levels.  Shamrock trucks ran steady for 28 days meeting all of Exxon Mobil’s needs and contributed to a successful transition from generator power back to plant power





Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc.


In November 2006, Janco Directional Drilling Company set a new world record by drilling 8,254 feet under the Houston Ship Channel for Sunland. Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. played a vital role during this operation by supplying fresh water necessary for the mixing of bore mud. Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. fulfilled every need of Janco Directional, including, hauling off of used bore mud, and disposing of bore mud at our facility. Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. was and still is very proud of this achievement.




















Since July, 2004, Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. has focused primarily on our customer service.  Our goal is to perform the tasks needed in a SAFE and timely manner.

We are very proud of our reputable safety record.

Our drivers have the training required to perform the projects desired of our customers. They have training such as Basic plus and site specific as required.














Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc. specializes in all aspects of oilfield, pipeline, and plant fluid handling needs.

All company equipment is late model and serviced regularly for the best performance. 

We strive to be the best!


Shamrock Vacuum Service highly appreciates your business and we promise to do our best to give you the quality service you deserve.
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Shamrock Vacuum Service, Inc.

P.O. Box 476

Daisetta, TX 77533

Office:             936-536-1300

Fax :                 936-536-1244


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